To your hearts and minds go the enduring remembrances of living memories:  a priceless gift from a loved one.

Celebrating a loved one's life and honouring who they were and are to you involves many choices and decisions.  A gathering of family OR family and friends OR  family, friends and community can be done in so many different ways and at different venues.  In the pages that follow we will explore some of the choices and decisions, providing information that hopefully will be of value to you and your family. 

There are venue options, body disposition options(cremation or burial) and life celebration options that include many people or just a few.

Questions about who can make decisions, who is responsible to pay the funeral home or transfer service when the time comes, prearranging and paying ahead of time and who will you get to lead a service if there is to be one will be discussed.

What kind of information will the funeral home or transfer service need?  What are the first and next steps that must be taken when a death occurs?  

Tonia Catcher is a mother, grandmother, life partner, daughter, sister and aunt.  She has served families with compassion and integrity, guiding and providing options so that they can make the best decisions possible for them since 2003.  As a licensed Funeral PrePlanner and Certified Celebrant she understands the importance of respecting and honouring every life.  As someone who has felt the sting of grief and experienced the hard work of healing, she empathizes with all of those who are hurting and knows the value of listening, supporting and providing the best service possible to all families.


Many years or few, every life is priceless and worth remembering.  Both the sunrises and the sunsets can be celebrated and mourned.