Most of us do not give much thought to questions about death and what needs to happen next until we are in a position of having to make decisions after there has been a death.  This is, in part, because we do not like to think about death and dying much less talk about it. 

When a death occurs at a home or residence, the first call will be to the police and generally the second call would be to a funeral home or transfer service of your choice.  All funeral homes offer simple transfer services but a transfer service cannot offer funeral services or supplies outside of transferring the body, a casket, an urn, etc.  If the person making the decisions wants to have a service of any kind(graveside, church, funeral home or other venue), then you need to call a funeral home.

If the deceased or someone on his/her behalf had made arrangements previously, they will be on file with the funeral home or transfer service the deceased originally spoke with.  Having arrangements made ahead of time will take a great deal of emotional and financial pressure off of the person with the authority to make decisions and any and all family members.  If his/her choices were shared with the family beforehand, there will be even less stress.  

A death is a difficult loss to face and cope with and most of us are not emotionally prepared when that times comes so making arrangements ahead of time is truly a gift of the heart to your family.